Why an elephant on the bottle?.


It is precisely the region where we are located that gives it this particular name, considering that Hannibal´s way crosses part of the estate, the route which General Cartaginés took on his way to Rome.

The property of the Azaraque olive grove has taken the celebrated phrase attributed to Hannibal as its own (we will either find a way or we will make one). Providing an Extra Virgin Oil to the market is not chance but the result of work and perseverance, of dedication and illusion, of tenacity, the same qualities that made General Cartaginés cross the Alps with his elephants threatening an entire empire.

This has been developed on different fronts:

Firstly, the capacity to successfully cultivate an olive grove of these dimensions in spite of the difficult economic situation.

Secondly, obtaining an oil of high quality, both conventional and organic.

Thirdly, winning national and international awards which accredit the quality and attributes of our oils.

At present, thanks to a successful commercial effort, we have established our presence in diverse gourmet establishments in Spain, and we have a presence in China, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and the Philippines amongst other countries.

“We will either find a way or we will make one” – Hannibal, Carthaginian General (247 – 183 A.C.)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PICUAL

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ARBEQUINA

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ORGANIC

En el 2019 con el expediente ITATUT/2019/48 la empresa Olivar del Azaraque ha recibido una subvención para el proyecto : plan de internacionalización promoción mercados exteriores perteneciente al programa de ayudas apoyo a empresas seguimiento tutorías. Hemos realizado acciones de promoción en países como Alemania y Reino Unido
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